Bail Questions And Answers

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a financial guarantee in favor of the state that a criminal defendant will appear in court at all times required untill the case has been fully adjudicated.  If a defendant does not appear in court the bail bond agent has a specific period of time to return the defendant to court or risk paying the full amount of the bond.

How does bail work?

How Bail Bonds Work

When I call, what information do you need?

Where the person is locked up and their date of birth.

Do I get my money back when the case is over?

No. Bail premium is fully earned upon release and nonrefundable.

How long am I on the bond?

Until the case is disposed of in court.  The defendant will most likely have numerous court appearances over several weeks or months before the case is finally disposed of.

As a cosigner, what are my responsibilities?

To insure the person goes to court on each and every assigned court date.  Remember, you are liable for the full amount of the bond if forfeited.

Can I go out of state while on bond?

No, as a defendant, you should stay in Connecticut unless we specifically authorize it.

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